LTE Device and Application Testing Procedures
Editorial Webinar

What does it take to launch LTE devices?  Join RCR for a review of the ecosystem and processes required to bring LTE devices to market.  

Key questions explored include:   

  • What are the major milestones and timeline to design, test and launch devices? 
  • How are LTE networks and more capable devices affecting the amount and type of testing? How do the ever-increasing ranks of mobile applications fit into the overall testing landscape? 
  • What can be done in the lab and what must be done in the field in order to ensure the best customer experience? 
What You Will Learn: 
A broad and deep explanation of the LTE device testing process, including the types of certification, how testing is changing as networks and devices evolve, and some of the challenges and trends in current testing. 

Who Should Watch:
Those involved with the device launch process, including certification or carrier acceptance testing, as well as device design, functional testing and field testing.

Moderator: Kelly Hill, Editor, RCR Wireless News
Panelist: Bryan Helmick, Product Manager, Rohde & Schwarz
Panelist: Cher Rowland Henton, Field Applications Engineer, Anritsu
Panelist: Amit Malhotra, VP of Marketing & Product Management, Azimuth Systems
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