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Editorial Feature Report: 
Video Optimization & Monetization for Carriers

Video now represents almost half of all mobile network traffic, and will soon account for most of the traffic on mobile networks. Mobile video motivates subscribers to buy more data, but it can also overwhelm the network, leading to poor user experiences and churn. From a network perspective, video is unlike other types of data, and optimizing video delivery offers carriers an opportunity to gain a true competitive advantage.. 

This report will introduce some of the major video optimization providers, and will compare and contrast their solutions. Potential opportunities for carriers to monetize video will also be discussed.

What you will learn:
Readers will learn why video optimization is critical for wireless carriers, how it can cut costs in the near term, and potentially grow revenue in the longer term and what the major technologies for video optimization are, and who the providers are.

Who should download:
Carrier CTOs, professionals who work in content delivery management (CDN), developers of video content for mobile devices, enterprise CIOs or CTOs responsible for understanding their service provider's video optimization solutions.

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