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Editorial Feature Report
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Editorial Webinar
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One-on-One Video Interview
As a sponsor you will get a one-on-one video interview with an RCR Wireless News editor and a thought leader from your team. You will have full right to re-purpose the interview as you see fit.
2017 Editorial Topics Include:
  • Opensource
  • Mobile edge computing
  • Advances in IIoT
  • Carrier IoT case studies
  • Effective IIoT rollout
  • Public safety
  • Fiber to the tower
  • IoT infrastructure
  • IIoT manufacturing
  • NFV deployments
  • Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum
  • Big data/analytics
  • Fixed broadband
  • Enterprise DAS and Small Cells
  • Management and orchestration in hybrid networks
  • Spectrum new needs
  • Spectrum interference
  • Smart city analytics
  • Reducing opex through infrastructure
  • Evolving enterprise
  • Latency in 5G
  • Wireless/Wireline convergence
  • Testing in 5G
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