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Wireless in the Enterprise:
A deeper reach, a more active role for venue owners
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As the enterprise relentlessly moves to wireless as the default communication modality in all locations, the role of wireless connectivity changes and performance requirements grow. Wi-Fi continues to be the fundamental technology for indoor data traffic, but cellular and other technologies play an increasingly important role – and one that requires integration and coordination among technologies.  The rise of IoT, IIoT and private networks accelerates and extends the scope of this process. 

This report explores how the increased reliance on wireless connectivity for communications and operations (IoT, IIoT, private networks) changes the way the enterprise approaches ownership, installation, operation and management over the indoor wireless infrastructure and how it can work with mobile operators, service providers, and neutral host players. 

It will also look at the technological evolution and the business models that will enable this change. We assess how the increased involvement of the enterprise will change the relationship with mobile operators – also considering the growing adoption of IoT and small cells, and the introduction of CBRS in the 3.5 GHz band.