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CBRS in the 3.5 GHz band changes how we use spectrum
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Opening new bands like the 3.5 GHz one in the US and 2.3 GHz in other countries provides new spectrum that is well suited for densification, and it also opens new ways in which spectrum is used – who pays for the deployment and operation of the network, who controls it, what are the relationships among ecosystem parties, how it is integrated with other wireless networks or bands. 

The 3.5 GHz band/CBRS is a topic that is becoming very hot, and while there is much excitement for the opportunities, there are still many open questions on how the spectrum will be used and how successful 3.5 GHz deployments will be because of the new regulatory framework and deployment models. 

This webinar will address these questions and will be complemented by interviews from a wide range of ecosystem players, with a primary focus on the US, but also exploring what is happening in other markets and the long-term global implication of new spectrum allocation models.