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2014 Small Cell Economics & Realities 

In 2014 Small Cell Economics & Realities, research consultancy ATLANTIC-ACM examines the emerging small-cell infrastructure development space and the economics and market dynamics impacting small-cell deployments.

What you will learn:
Current business and strategy considerations for small-cell deployments, emerging sourcing models, network expectations, survey results detailing wireless operator interest in complementary small-cell services, average expected portion of small-cell backhaul spend by technology, action items for infrastructure and backhaul players and more.

Who should read:
Professionals at all levels of network infrastructure and wholesale telecom strategy and operations. Executives seeking to better understand on-site technologies and components and backhaul demand; engineers in network planning and deployment; employees in charge of small-cell site design and management; and network site managers and vendors looking for the latest information on the state of the industry.