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Feature Report
Carrier IoT Case Studies

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While some futuristic IoT applications will take years of R&D before being commercialized, many other IoT applications are creating business value today. Let's take a look at how carriers are using the internet of things in the real world. From agriculture to smart city applications to healthcare, carriers are using IoT solutions to impact the bottom line for their customers and for their own business units. This report and webinar will detail case studies from AT&T and Sigfox to help readers understand the challenges and opportunities of using cellular networks, as well as low-power wide area networks, for IoT use cases. Sidebar: metering and asset tracking on cellular networks.

In this report you will learn which IoT use cases are finding traction for U.S. carriers, why carriers are working with new suppliers of modules and chipsets for IoT solutions, how carriers and their customers are addressing IoT security challenges, and how carriers price their IoT services.