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Editorial Feature Report 
Telecom Software Series:
Content: Crafting networks to keep up with consumer demand for anytime, anywhere access

What you will learn:
Major trends driving consumer demand, and the impact that this is having on network architectures, including content delivery networks; approaches that service and content providers are taking to monetize content delivery; and recent developments across the wired, wireline and content industry that are shaping the ecosystem.

Who should read:
Persons involved in content delivery and optimization, as well as network operations across wireline, cellular, Wi-Fi and connected car platforms; OTT players; content providers and marketers seeking a better understanding of the mobile space as a part of multi-screen media.
Consumers expect to be able to access their content from any device, at any time. This evolution is driving changes in how content is stored, optimized and delivered across both wireless and wireline networks. There are new billing relationships and business models being explored in multi-screen media, and wireless is playing a key role.

This report looks at trends in the content delivery market, with a specific focus on video and mobile. Some of these trends include changing relationships among content and access providers, the proliferation of advanced mobile devices and new delivery platforms such as the connected car, and the influence of encryption on optimization methods. Join RCR as we explore the question: Ultimately, who owns the customer?