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LTE Unlicensed and Wi-Fi:
Moving Beyond Coexistence
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Assessment of LAA-LTE market prospects, role of LAA-LTE in mobile networks, coexistence/competition with Wi-Fi, impact on small cells, traffic management across licensed/unlicensed channels (data and control plane; coordination of macro- and small-cell traffic), and backhaul implications. 

This report will assess the prospects of LAA-LTE in terms of technology, standardization and business model, as well as the benefits LAA-LTE will bring to subscribers, operators and vendors. Equally important, it will provide an extensive overview of the differing perspectives of the LTE and Wi-Fi ecosystem players, and of the mobile operator, on a topic that is generating heated debates in the industry. 

This report also includes in depth interviews with Tele 2, Ooredo, Qualcomm, Ruckus Wireless, XcellAir, InterDigital, Wi-FI Alliance, and Alcatel-Lucent.