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Analyst Angle Webinar:
Power at the Edge
Processing and storage move from the central core to the network edge
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The concomitant push to virtualization, and the heightened requirements for latency and QoE are changing the way mobile operators decide which functions and what content have to be centralized, or can be moved towards to the edge. 

The “Power at the edge” webinar discusses different approaches to edge computing – MEC, MCORD, OpenFog, Open Edge Computing, and others. MEC is a crucial component in edge computing as it enabled operators to move some of the functionality traditionally kept within the core closer to the subscriber, in the RAN or intermediate aggregation points. 

We present an overview of MEC (what it is, the standardization process, the technology, the ecosystem and industry support) and other edge computing initiatives – including drivers to adoption, deployment and operational challenges, use case scenarios, and synergies with RAN and core virtualization.