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Editorial Feature Report
The Importance of Service Orchestration in Support of Wireless Software Advances

What You Will Learn: 
The need for service orchestration as mobile operators increasingly turn to virtualized services. What goes into service orchestration platforms and taking a look into how those platforms are developing. Also, the importance or need to have a single orchestration platform to handle both SDN and NFV deployments. 

Who Should Read:

  • Those in charge of carrier virtualization plans. 
  • Vendors looking to gain insight into the current market for orchestration platforms from analyst and carrier perspectives in order to gauge market plans.
  • Employees attempting to bolster their telecom virtualization knowledge base, with a focus on orchestration platforms. 

As mobile operators begin to rollout NFV, SDN and cloud platforms, there is a growing need for centralized orchestration in order to help automate information flow between the platforms and for on-boarding of services. This is also known as management and orchestration (MANO). This report will look at how service orchestration fits into the cloud, SDN and NFV space; what specific orchestration functions and vendor solutions mobile carriers will need to look for; and what challenges the eco-system is facing in terms of moving forward with deployable service orchestration platforms that can fit the needs of cloud, NFV and SDN.