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RCR Wireless News Feature Report

WebRTC, VoLTE, RCS set to reshape carrier offerings in battle with OTT

What you will learn:
  • Mobile industry opportunities and adoption of VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC technology. 
  • How VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC can help mobile operators combat OTT players. 
  • Technical and standards challenges embedded in adopting VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC services. 
  • Which vendors are taking advantage of the VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC environment. 

Mobile operators are feeling increased pressure from over-the-top players to provide additional features and services that consumers have come to expect from the application world. Three ways they are looking to counter the OTT threat is through the implementation of Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) technology that should allow mobile operators to offer more compelling services and generate new revenues. 

This report will look at how VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC are being used and will be used by operators to remain competitive. The report will glean insight from mobile operators that have already begun to rollout these services or are planning to rollout services, vendors supporting the rollout of these services and analyst insight into how they see the market for VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC developing as carriers battle OTT players.