Altran White Paper: What Does the Future Hold for Factory Management?
Immersive technologies are removing barriers between physical and virtual environments. Our Advanced Manufacturing World Class Center helps clients to achieve superior performance by applying innovative technologies to manufacturing operations.

Explore how immersive technologies remove frontiers between real and virtual.

Factories of the future will be fully digitized but also virtualized to offer workers digital replicas of real environments- putting people's physical presence in perspective. Thanks to new modeling, 3D processing techniques and VR headsets, it is now possible to generate a digital model of a complete factory that we can visit from anywhere on the planet.

This virtual environment will not only be a faithful clone of the physical environment but will provide real-time information on each of the production assets and make it possible to act on them thanks to the sensors and actuators installed in each of the machines connected through the Internet of Things.

Download this white paper that discusses in detail the flowing points and more:
  • What does industry 4.0 really mean?
  • Smart factories streamlining the supply chain
  • Next generation interfaces optimizing interaction with data
  • Virtual factory replica optimizing production management
  • Immersive technologies removing the frontiers between real and virtual
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