ANSYS White Paper: 5G Mobile/UE Solutions
5G promises a spectacular world of wireless communications systems. It presents lucrative opportunities in consumer electronics, internet-of-things (IoT), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), telecommunications, entertainment, medical, transportation and other sectors. However, the engineering challenges are daunting! 

The thermal stability of miniature wireless assemblies in a 5G-capable smartphone or other antenna-enabled 5G user equipment is important to ensure that the entire system conforms to its expected behavior. Power-hungry applications in varying environmental conditions can cause swings in device temperatures, leading to thermal cycling effects.

ANSYS simulation software for 5G provides a compelling set of design solutions from mobile user equipment to networks and beyond. Simulation applications include electronics thermal management, advanced RF front-end design, and radio desensitization and EMI issues in 5G Smartphones. Download this white paper to learn more.

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