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Feature Report 
Connected Car: Security, Testing and Interference Issues

The connected car opens many topics related to testing.  Simulating safety systems, checking for interference, looking at the safety from malicious external influences.  This report looks at the challenges at hand and highlight some of the key players working to solve them.
What you will learn:
  1. Consumer and market insights on the connected car
  2. Highlights of current players, services and technologies on the market and in development
  3. Technical challenges and testing issues for the connected car.
Who should read:
  1. Wireless ecosystem vendors interested in the connected car and Internet of Things market. 
  2. Mobile operators interested in the market for the connected car. 
  3. Test engineers and lab and field technicians looking to deepen their knowledge of connected car testing. 
  4. Vehicle and device OEMs. 
  5. Those tasked with public and private fleet management wishing to learn more about connected vehicle technologies.  
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