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Webinar: LTE Solutions for Utility Vehicles

Mobile workforces present unique connectivity challenges when compared to a traditional office environment. Traveling along bumpy roads, traversing service areas, and powering devices using a vehicle battery are factors requiring special considerations and planning. 

A total solution should take into account all aspects of virtual and physical layouts, as well as anticipated usage. You’ll find that you’re not simply choosing hardware and a data plan, but rather looking holistically at how to optimize a comprehensive solution for reliable, stable connectivity on the road. 

Decision makers should move strategically when incorporating mobile connectivity in conveyances, anticipating challenges, following industry best practices, and choosing a solution that can be planned, deployed, managed and scaled with “zero-touch” configuration. 

This webinar will discuss how INS and Solve Networks are able to provide a turnkey solution for connectivity to mission critical resources in the field.

Ken Hosac, VP, IoT Strategy & Business Development, Cradlepoint
Stephen Mammen, Principal Solutions Architect, INS