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Webinar: Digital Transformation - a Bit-Wise Evolution for the Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry, historically a stalwart of the American economy, is undergoing significant change. Traditional business models are being upended by the advent of a new kid on the block – the digital consumer. The digital consumer is an ever-expanding paradigm that reflects the new and preferred channel through which customers engage – both amongst themselves, but also with corporations with whom they transact goods and services. This digital transformation has become increasingly prevalent across all industries. So what does this mean for the bellwethers of our economy, not the least of which are telecommunications companies? 

In this presentation, we explore digital transformation – from definition to impact, and from strategy through execution with the growing use of digital channels, including web, mobile and social. These channels are becoming paramount in the investment decisions that corporations are making to better engage customers, and the telecommunications industry is no exception. Join us to learn about the key priorities of a digital transformation for telecommunications companies along with the broader economic value of such a transformation. 

Speaker: Ganesha Rasiah, Senior Manager, Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Deloitte Consulting

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