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Feature Report 
Diameter signaling impact/benefits/challenges in a NFV, SDN, cloud world

The move towards all-IP networks has allowed telecom operators to more finely parse out value from their service offerings due to more detailed insight into what is traveling across those networks. This report looks at how the diameter signaling market has grown; challenges in the technology further meeting the increased needs and demands of telecom operators, including challenges in VoLTE deployments; and looks at the impact virtualization technology like NFV, SDN and cloud are having on the diameter signaling market. 
What you will learn:
This report provides details into current companies supplying diameter signaling support to telecom operators; how diameter signaling has been used by telecom operators to take further advantage of their network resources in launching service innovation; and what impact new virtualization technologies like NFV, SDN and cloud will have on diameter signaling platforms.
Who should read:
  1. Telecom software developers focused on NFV, SDN and cloud 
  2. Carrier and vendor operations groups
  3. Telecom operator marketing teams 
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