Feature Report: Managed chaos: Diameter to add order across mobile broadband networks
With consumers increasingly tying themselves to mobile networks through smartphones and the hundreds of thousands of applications those devices can support, carriers are in need of ways in which to monitor and insure that the traffic load is handled in a consistent manner across their networks. Previous network technologies relied on SS7 and other protocols to handle such monitoring of traffic, which in a voice-centric world proved sufficient. But, the mesh-like nature of those protocols proved insufficient to handle the traffic loads generated by the move to high-speed mobile data services. The job of handling this move within the network has been tasked to the oddly, yet aptly named, Diameter Signaling Controller, which has the chore of making sure that all of those requests are routed correctly inside of a carrier’s network. This is done by replacing the connection mesh of SS7 with a single routing point that allows for more thorough data monitoring, should lead to a reduction in network congestion as well as allow network providers to tap into the DSC and extract maximum profitability from their networks. This report is sponsored by Tekelec.

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