Huawei White Paper:

Partnering with the Industry for 5G Security Assurance
With the evolution of telecommunications networks and introduction of 5G technologies industry stakeholders, governments and partners must to work together to address the challenges with securing these modern telecommunications networks through risk-based approaches to cyber security. The white paper discusses some of the fundamental questions related to this:

  • Why is 5G secure? How do experts from industry and standards organizations ensure that 5G security risks can be effectively managed in terms of security protocols and standards as well as security assurance mechanisms?
  • Why is Huawei 5G secure? What technical approaches has Huawei adopted to ensure cyber security of Huawei equipment?
  • How to ensure 5G cyber security, including Huawei's support for cyber resilience and recommendations on how to deploy and operate 5G networks in a secure manner.
  • How to continuously improve the 5G security level from the perspectives of different stakeholders in order to address future challenges.
  • Call for stakeholders to work together to ensure that 5G security risks are controllable.

This white paper will describe industry standards, Huawei's approaches, and joint efforts of industry partners.
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