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Webinar: Smart Cities: How will you and your city be impacted?

While the global urbanization trend seems to be unstoppable, with cities continuing to be hubs for social and economic opportunity across the globe, the cost of living in cities is skyrocketing, threatening to increase social inequality, slow down economic growth, and push up crime levels. Increasingly, ensuring the availability of affordable accommodation, services, and mobility is listed as a priority on cities’ political agendas. Therefore, it is imperative that public officials, who hold the responsibility for making their cities and regions competitive, truly understand the benefit that Smart City technology can deliver for governments, citizens, and enterprises.

This webinar brings together a panel of industry experts from RCR Wireless, ABI Research, City Innovate Foundation, Compass Intelligence, and Chordant to discuss how Smart City technology can shape the future. Topics to be explored include:

* Smart City cost savings for governments, citizens, and enterprises;
* An exploration of the CA-Chordant Smart Cities Benefit Index rankings;
* The role of Smart City marketplaces and open platforms;
* Successful case studies of Smart City technology implementations;
* And much more!

Vanja Subotic, Director - Product Management, Chordant
Stephanie Atkinson, Founding Partner, Compass Intelligence
Kamran Saddique, Co-Founder and Executive Director, City Innovate Foundation
Dominique Bonte, Managing Director, ABI Research