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Smart Money: How Smart Cities Could Drive More Than $20 Trillion in Economic
 Benefits by 2026

Smart cities offer a wide range of benefits, from costs savings to livability, safety and security, resilience, and sustainability. However, the positive impact on economic development is another critical benefit, one which is not often mentioned and not well understood. However, economic development should be treated as an “uber” benefit, indirectly linked to factors conducive to attract and maintain economic activity within cities. A recent report from ABI Research indicates the positive impact of smart city technologies on economic development could see cities locking in incremental growth of over 5% and driving more than $20 trillion in additional economic benefits by 2026.

This 60-minute webinar, hosted by RCR Wireless, brings together a panel of industry experts to discuss these findings and further explore the role of smart cities for economic development. Specific topic areas include:
-Technological drivers for economic growth and smart urban economy;
-Economic indicators and effects of smart city IoT investments on GDP;
-Implementation guidelines and operationalization checklists for city governments;
And more!

Mika Rasinkangas, VP Business Development, Chordant
Kirk Talbott, Executive Director, City of Atlanta
Dominique Bonte, Managing Director, ABI Research
Bill Maguire, Project Director, US Ignite