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Webinar: NB-IoT and LTE CAT-M1 - RF measurements for CIoT (Cellular IoT)

IoT is an emerging technology currently in piloting and live implementation phase at a number of operators across the globe. IoT is expected to multiply the number of mobile connections in coming years, being one of the main growth initiatives for operators and network vendors. 

Nemo data collection and analytics tools are fully ready to test NB-IoT and LTE-M networks. Use case needs per operators vary depending on in what stage of implementation they are: Early lab/field testing, Device Benchmarking, Network Acceptance, Network Benchmarking or SLA verification. 

  • In Early Lab/Field testing, the need is to understanding the IoT technology and its limits, 
  • In Device Benchmarking to verify/compare device performance in field and differences in network interoperability due to chipset and FW versions, 
  • In Network Acceptance to verify Key KPIs: Coverage and in-building penetration, Accessibility, Data Throughput, Latency.
  • In Network Benchmarking to measure and verify NB-IoT performance & coverage in comparison to competitor networks
  • In SLA verification, target is to verify the service level and coverage of the IoT network.

The following webinar shares more capabilities and a live demo of Keysight measurement and analytics tools.