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As carriers rip-and-replace legacy equipment in favor of new technologies, they are faced with what to do with the old equipment. RCR Wireless News will take a look at the different choices carriers have in what to do with old equipment, including recycling options. The report will also take a look at the financial impact of de-commissioning projects. The report will also have a sidebar looking at the impact de-commissioning of legacy 2G networks could have on the M2M space.

What you will learn:
This report will provide insight into where carriers are in terms of their de-commissioning strategies; what goes into the decision making process as to when or if to replace equipment; and what options carriers are looking at in terms of what to do with legacy equipment. The report will also touch on the potential impact de-commissioning legacy networks could have on the M2M space.

Who should read:
Executives in charge of network operations, as well as employees tasked with network deployment and operations. Companies in the equipment recycling business and those looking to buy/sell second-hand network equipment. Tower and third-party vendors that own/operate network towers or are hired to handle the actual work at cell sites. Also, enterprises that are invested in the M2M space.
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