Nokia Webinar Series: Scaling up with 5G - eMBB Use Cases
5G is opening-up a whole new world of business, not just for communication services providers (CSPs) but also for enterprises and the opportunities for growth are unprecedented. Nokia’s recent 5G maturity index (5GMi) study shows that more than 80% of the leading operators are looking to generate new revenues through focused use cases. This also opens-up new business models for CSPs to monetize.

In this first webinar on 5G use cases, Joe Madden from Mobile Experts and Carlijn Adema from Nokia examine the new use cases offered by 5G eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband) such as fixed wireless access, immersive experience, video surveillance and analytics and smart stadiums. The webinar explores the various business models between MNOs and enterprise customers, on the journey to 5G. The opportunities for CSPs will be highlighted with detailed information on how the operators can create a business while supporting various enterprise requirements. 

This is the first of a series of webinars around 5G use cases, another webinar is planned later focusing on use cases fitting industry 4.0 requirements such as machine remote control, cloud robotics, ehealth services and assisted and autonomous vehicles. 

Joe Madden, Principal Analyst, Mobile Experts
Carlijn Adema, Head of Global Services Marketing, Nokia
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