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Qualcomm Webinar: What are the consumer and ecosystem needs that will drive 5G NR deployments in 2019?

 The world is sitting at the dawn of 5G – a future innovation platform that has a grand vision of transforming industries and is estimated to generate over $12T of economic value by 2035. But how will 5G impact our lives in the shorter-term? We will start seeing early enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) deployments of 5G NR already in 2019, but what will drive these early deployments? We already know consumers are devouring more and more data and capacity is a key 5G driver, but recently, we also surveyed close to 6000 consumers globally to understand what they need and expect from 5G. And consumer demand is only one side of the equation — how can the higher spectrum bands in sub-6GHz and mmWave be cost efficiently deployed for mobile services?

Join us for this webinar to find out what consumers expect of 5G from its fiber-like speeds, learn about the new enabling 5G NR technologies and deployments, and see how Qualcomm and Nokia are joining forces to make 5G a reality starting in 2019.

Sean Kinney, Managing Editor, RCR Wireless News
Rasmus Hellberg, Sr. Director of Technical Marketing, Qualcomm
Volker Ziegler, Head of 5G Leadership, Chief Architect, Nokia Mobile Networks