Qualcomm Webinar: The essential role of technology standards — driving interoperability, ecosystem development, and future innovation
Today, we take it for granted that our mobile devices and applications just work out of the box — smartphones can roam virtually anywhere in the world, laptops can seamlessly connect to any Wi-Fi access point & Bluetooth peripheral, and the videos recorded on one device can be played back perfectly on any other device.

The magic behind all this? Technology standards. Not only do they power a wide range of systems and devices but also bring many benefits to the broader technology ecosystem. At Qualcomm Technologies, we are leading the standardization of many key technologies that will move the world forward.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • The value of technology standards, specifically in the areas of cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and video codecs
  • Why standardized technologies are essential for industry growth and ecosystem development
  • How standard bodies operate in a complex, challenging, and ever changing environment
  • How Qualcomm is driving innovation in different technology standards

Dr. Edward Tiedemann, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
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