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Industrial IoT - Designing, Testing & Securing the Next Mega-Trend (RCR Speaker Series)

Goldman Sachs views IoT as the third “internet” wave while predicting that IoT will exceed preceding internet waves by connecting 28 billion “things”. By extending mobile and wireless “pipes”, IoT will unlock product innovation, create new business models and expose networks to unprecedented level of security risk. 

During this discussion, we will focus on the implications of IoT in general, while taking a closer look at designing, testing and securing industrial IoT. 

Who should attend: 
Mobile carrier, hardware, software, and enterprise IT professionals along with investors seeking a better technical understanding of designing, testing and securing industrial IoT solutions (connected cars, home automation, manufacturing, M2M etc..) 

What you will learn: 
  • Impact of industrial IoT in terms of the economy, jobs and technology 
  • Vertical market sectors impacted by industrial IoT 
  • What skills will be in the greatest demand 
  • The role of mobile operators in the Industrial IoT 
  • Design, test and security implications of industrial IoT vs. “wearables” 
  • Industrial IoT use case discussion 

Moderator: Jeff Mucci, CEO and Editorial Director, RCR Wireless News 
Panelist: David Loadman, Vice President of Mobile Device Test, National Instruments 
Panelist: James Stanberry, SVP GM IoT, Silicon Labs 
Panelist: JC Lazcano, VP of M2M/IoT, Gemalto 
Panelist: Patrick Moorhead, Partner, Moor Insights & Strategy