5G Report Series: North America
We are currently going through one of the most significant periods of urbanization in history. According to United Nations research, around 55% of the global population lives in metropolitan areas and that’s expected to increase to 68% in the next three decades. In the coming years, as the population of urban centers swells to more than 2.5 billion people, civil leaders are faced with a number of issues ranging from transportation and public safety to digital inclusion and pollution.

Enter the concept of smart cities wherein technology is used to solve these problems, fostering dense, user-friendly urban environments rather than cramped, crowded wastelands. While the future of smart cities is often pinned to the emergence of 5G, there’s no need to wait. Without a doubt, 5G will enhance smart city efforts but as pilot projects and scaled deployments show today, city leaders can make significant strides today. But it takes careful planning, strategic thinking and buy-in from an array of stakeholders.
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