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Editorial Webinar: How to buy and sell a smart city - Procurement models to make every city smart
The problem with smart cities is no one wants to buy them because no one knows how to sell them. The technology is proven, but the commercial models are only just emerging. 

This webinar will discuss how tech vendors have developed new business models around certain emerging smart city solutions, notably lighting and parking, and seeks to identify ways cities might procure larger-scale citywide technology solutions.

James Blackman, Editor, Enterprise IoT Insights
Ken Hosac, VP IoT Strategy & Business Development, Cradlepoint
Ben Easterling, Strategic Alliance Lead, AT&T
Ryan Citron, Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research
Nick Chrissos, Director of Innovation, Europe, Cisco Systems
Matt Wakelam, Assistant Director, Street Scene, Transport & Planning, Cardiff Council

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