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Editorial Webinar
Testing the Internet of Things: Making the IoT Work

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As more "things" from watches to sensors to vehicles are given connectivity, there are two fundamental goals: make sure the technology works as expected, and make sure it is secure. In different devices, the testing to ensure those two aspects can look very different. 

RCR takes stock of the technologies and some of the current testing approaches for the Internet of Things, as well as what IoT means for security needs and capabilities -- and puts it in the context of keeping costs in line for return on investment. 

Kelly Hill, Editor, RCR Wireless News
George Japak, Managing Director, Verizon ICSA Labs
Mariano Kimbara, Industry Analyst - Measurement & Instrumentation, Frost & Sullivan
Dr. Vikram Saksena, Office of the CTO, NetScout
Michael Starsinic, Technical Track Sr. Manager, InterDigital
Brad Robbins, President, LitePoint