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DAS Deployment Overview: 

Streamlined approaches for DAS deployments

The introduction of new cellular technologies has significantly improved spectral efficiency; however, data demand has outpaced the spectral efficiency benefit. Cellular spectrum holdings cannot keep up with mobile data growth. For operators to meet data demand and retain profitability despite a falling cost per bit and increasing data levels, they must identify and seamlessly implement better, faster, and cheaper methods to improve network capacity and user quality of experience (QoE). 

Today, mobile subscribers have little tolerance for dropped calls and slow access to data and applications. They want access to the network from anywhere at any time without any disruption. Additionally, greater than 70% of data usage is from in-building environments. Macro networks cannot keep up with this growth, and operators need to look at other methods for delivering RF coverage and capacity, especially for in-building environments. A typical solution may require a combination of macro cell, small cell, and DAS. The success of this strategy depends on how well these different types of cell sites—such as macro, femto, metro, enterprise femto, DAS—work in concert with each other. This harmonious working of heterogeneous cell sites is called HetNet.

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