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Feature Report
Strategies for Effective Wi-Fi Offloading

What you will learn:
  • How do analysts and industry participants describe the opportunity and the limitations of carrier-grade WiFi?
  • What are the security issues that are most salient for operators evaluating Wi-Fi offload strategies? 
  • How can service providers monetize Wi-Fi? 
  • How do handoffs occur and what are the limitations here?

Who should read:
  • Carrier network operations professionals 
  • Carrier marketing professionals
  • Software developers involved in wireless connectivity solutions
  • IT professionals charged with responsibility for in-building networks 

Agile operators no longer view Wi-Fi as competition; instead they look at unlicensed spectrum as a tool that can be used to help build a truly heterogeneous network offering users a truly homogenous experience. This report will look at carrier-grade Wi-Fi and at ways that operators are integrating Wi-Fi into their service offerings.