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The Enterprise’s Guide to In-building Wireless: 
Key Components & Cost Considerations

Nearly 25 years after the introduction of mobile phones, it is still disconcertingly familiar to see people leaning against a window, holding phones in the air or rushing around as they search for the elusive indoor cellular signal. The crowds around the windows are likely to grow over the coming years as younger employees, impatient with unreliable cellular connectivity, enter the workforce. The younger generation expects the businesses where they work and play to provide reliable indoor cellular coverage. 

Additionally, there are other key drivers forcing enterprises to think about installing an in-building wireless solution: more businesses are implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, requiring more bandwidth and frequencies; widespread use of smartphones and other wireless devices, both professionally and personally, to access important people and applications; and an increase in the development, usage, and benefits of technologies supporting the Internet of Things (IoT).

There are two critical steps involved in bringing the benefits of robust, reliable in-building wireless to the enterprise. The first step is assessing employee, tenant or guest connectivity needs, both what they are today and what they will be tomorrow. The second is determining the options available for funding the solution. Enterprises charged with solving the indoor connectivity issue put much of the decision criteria solely on price. With price always a factor, many businesses are not aware of technology improvements and new funding model options which can impact how and how much in-building wireless pay for improvements. With that in mind, there are three key total cost of ownership (TCO) considerations when investigating which DAS solution is right for the businesses’ requirements.

Allen Dixon, VP of National Accounts, Zinwave
Bernie Rodriguez, Voice, Mobile and Network Architect, Texas Instruments
Bernard Borhei, E-VP of Operations & Co-Founder, Vertical BridgeWebinar: