20220920 ABB Small Cell White Paper 600x200

                  ABB White Paper: Think Small (Cell) to Go Big on 5G

Communication service providers (CSPs) have already invested millions of man-hours and billions of dollars to develop and market their new 5G solutions.
Now, they need the appropriate infrastructure to deploy and deliver those solutions. To accomplish this huge task, the mobile industry is turning to small cell infrastructure (power, radios, antennas) that can be installed on mostly existing street furniture such as power/lamp posts. These deployments offer cost savings as well as improved reliability and consistency in covering densely populated areas. This is achieved, in part, by fine tuning radio frequency signals to suit topography, population and coverage requirements. However, there are challenges to small cell deployments as well.
Download our new white paper to get a deeper understanding of these challenges and the benefits you can expect to discover if you deploy small cells as part of your own infrastructure.

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