Digital Twins: Creating Digital Operations Today to Deliver Business Value Tomorrow

Companies in almost every industry are looking to digital twin technologies to drive meaningful business outcomes across the entire product development life cycle, from ideation and production to manufacturing, support and maintenance. Digital twins integrate geometry, real-time telemetry, engineering analysis, sensors, connectivity, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software analytics in a unified spatial model to create a living digital simulation that can update and change as their physical counterparts change.
Most offer a virtual UI that let’s operators interact with the model in an immersive, intuitive, and often life-like way. And many can continuously learn and update themselves to represent its near real-time status, working condition or position or integrate historical data from past machine usage to inform trend analyses and diagnostics.
Digital twins are used to help companies improve a variety of business processes, from validating the expected behavior of a product or system design before it is deployed, to boosting production efficiency of a factory or optimizing the performance or maintenance of products in the field.  This white paper explores various facets of adopting and utilizing digital twins in industrial markets, including:

  • Digital twins in manufacturing
  • Activating your organization to adopt digital twins
  • A roadmap to capture value from digital twins
  • The future of digital twins as a critical and mainstream part of manufacturing
  • And more

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