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Altran White Paper: Multi-Domain Service Orchestrator

Few CSPs have successfully implemented Core network automation with the help of Network Services Descriptor over Orchestrator. Radio cloud is still in its early implementation phase. Now it is time to discuss Service level orchestration across multiple domains. This paper is an initiative to explain how Altran is going to help CSPs and NEPs to implement Service Orchestrator across the network.
It is important to roll out end-to-end multi-domain service orchestrator for efficient management of the evolving networks. The ability to manage and optimize the utilization of the network can be achieved by standardizing the interfaces, service templates and defining the data & service models across the multiple domains. With the help of multi-domain service orchestration combined with Open API and Artificial Intelligence solution based assurance platforms, both multitenancy & on-demand networks can be achieved to provide undisruptive services.
Altran has decades of experience helping clients around the world to research, deploy, integrate, migrate and support different network elements (Switches, Routers, Transport, etc.).
Download this paper to know more about how Altran has been helping various NEPs and CSPs to solve multiple challenges arising due to the modernization of the network elements.
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