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Altran White Paper: The Adoption of Private Networks For Enterprises

5G is a double-edged sword. On one side, it brings a new set of functionalities that will drive demand for more connectivity and even more critical and vital applications. This includes seamless mobility and connectivity with top Quality of Services (QoS)/Quality of Experience (QoE), massive IoT connectivity, etc., promising to pave the way for a new generation of connected applications. So will it be another layer of complexity for enterprise networks?
Not necessarily, as 5G is also aiming at simplifying private and semi-private network configuration and management. It should bring high interoperability with legacy technologies and a network slicing technology that can open new collaboration schemes between industrial players and the telecom ecosystem.
Based on Altran's experience of deploying breakthrough communications and networking technologies and innovative projects in an industrial environment, this white paper explores the following questions:
  • What are the key technical and connectivity features of the private 4G/5G network?
  • What are the critical use cases of such private networks?
  • How to make them work? What is the ideal ecosystem to deploy a cost effective, productivity factor private network?
Altran is continuously collaborating with partners to ensure 360-degree coverage of all facets of the formulation of private networks based on industrial OT networks strategy. This includes telcos with the spectrum and network operations knowledge and NEPs who have core IP in enterprise radio and connectivity. We can create a technology roadmap to industrial 5G, including building a business case for private 5G networks for enterprise showing ROI models, which can help in decision making.
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