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Anritsu White Paper: Introduction to 5G Positioning Technologies

5G is expanding into new industry segments, but also expanding into new technology areas, such as 5G positioning. Key concept of 5G precise positioning is to utilize 3GPP signaling in the 5G network to enhance the performance of position calculation. The eco-system for the deployment of 5G precise positioning technology is still in the phase of establishing use case specific needs and plans. The main industry players within the eco-system are mobile network operators, infrastructure vendors, chipset vendors and IoT module vendors. In addition, the automotive and smart factory industries are evaluating 5G precise positioning opportunities.
This white paper provides readers with:
  • New technologies evolving with 5G deployment
  • Key concepts, applications, and technology landscape of 3GPP Precise Positioning
  • An industry analysis of 5G Precise Positioning Technology for Real Time Location Services
  • 3GPP Positioning roadmap
  • Test requirements and methodologies
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