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Bell Labs Consulting Webinar: The business imperatives of 5G mmWave-A techno-economic evaluation of business attractiveness, revenue potential, and cost-effectiveness

There is considerable pressure on telecom operators to return their shareholder's value, particularly considering 5G investments. Most 5G networks have been commercially rolled out or planned using sub-6 GHz spectrum. Complementary to 5G Sub-6 GHz networks, 5G mmWave, promises to deliver multiple Gigabit data rates to the end-users and can accommodate significantly more capacity and better quality of experience. Despite the potential, the utilization of mmWave for 5G has had to overcome significant technical challenges, such as attenuation and short-range coverage.
As 5G adoption progresses quickly and end-users expect differentiated speed and performance everywhere, the mobile industry's main question today is if and how mmWave solutions can serve the demands of end-users while being profitable and cost-effective.
Bell Labs Consulting's analysis of the European 5G scenario focuses on the critical question of 5G mmWave business attractiveness and its unique value propositions, explaining where to deploy it and the return of these investments.
Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief, RCR Wireless News
Vikas Dhingra, Principal, Bell Labs Consulting
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