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The primary goal of IoT cybersecurity is to protect connected devices, the data they generate, and the overall IoT ecosystem from various security threats and vulnerabilities. As IoT devices become more prevalent in various sectors, including homes, industries, healthcare, and smart cities, the need for the adoption of robust security measures becomes increasingly critical.

Some of the threats that IoT cybersecurity seeks to mitigate include:
1. Access without permission, effectively preventing unauthorized users from having access to IoT devices or the data they transmit
2. Data breaches, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the data generated, transmitted, and stored by IoT devices
3. Denial of service (DoS) attacks, preventing malicious attempts from disrupting the normal functioning of IoT devices or the entire network
4. Insecure network communication, ensuring that the communication between IoT devices and the network is secure, often through encryption and secure protocols. 

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