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Cambridge Consultants Whitepaper: O-RAN and AI are ready to transform service performance in the optimised network

The O-RAN RIC is combining with advances in AI to provide new opportunities for network automation.
This will maximise service performance and user experience, allowing immersive services and advanced industrial applications to flourish.
In this paper, we ask:
How can automation overcome the complexity of O-RAN networks to deliver this broad set of high-performance use cases?
Paper key takeaways:
  • O-RAN RIC and AI are pivotal to automating network optimisation that will maximise service performance and transform user experience
  • The resulting improvements will drive network cost reduction, efficient energy consumption and generate new service revenues – without invading user privacy
  • Distinctive offerings will be created from standard telecoms equipment by integrating wider data sources with low level network data – but will require vendors with deep experience in service design, data mining, AI and the RAN
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