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Chatsworth Webinar: In 415V/240 VAC We Trust: How Making the Switch Will Save Your Data Center

In order to keep pace with today’s rising technology demands and higher compute thresholds, the transition to 415V/240 VAC is fast becoming an ideal solution for data center operators who need more power and efficiency at a lower overall cost. But flipping the switch can be easier said than done, especially as more higher compute technology moves closer to the edge, where the value of remote management within high-density environments is key to supplying more power, in more locations, no matter how unique.

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Power Sales Engineer, Matt Burkle, discusses the underlying factors driving this transition to 415V/240 VAC and how making the switch can significantly reduce your OPEX/CAPEX, ensure higher availability, and promote rapid deployment in data centers and edge environments alike.

Matt Burkle, Sales Engineer for Power Solutions (Eastern US), Chatsworth Products
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