20230927 Critical Edge IoT Editorial Webinar 600x200
The grand combined promise of 5G networking and edge computing for enterprises is to max out the performance, reliability, and security of mission- and business-critical Industry 4.0 systems.

But which workloads should always stay on-prem, for reasons of security and performance, and which can be diverted to the cloud, to take advantage of the stretching economies of hyper-scale?

Watch the webinar to hear about:
  • Industries that benefit most from all-edge computing and networking
  • When and why enterprises should consider adopting new edge solutions
  • Application performance, cyber-security, bandwidth constraints
  • Which critical workload tasks should be hived-off from the edge – to work in the cloud?
  • How enterprises should rationalise the usage of edge and cloud for processing IoT / OT / IT workloads
James Blackman, Global Editor, RCR Wireless News
David Rolfe, Head of Product Marketing, Volt Active Data
Leo Gergs, Principal Analyst, ABI Research
Steve Currie, VP and Distinguished Engineer, Global Edge Compute, Kyndryl
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