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Dell Technologies Webinar: Bring the Power of Edge to CSPs

As telecom networks disaggregate and move toward delivering powerful infrastructure and applications at the edge, the number of components to deploy and manage across geographic locations grows exponentially. At the same time, Communications Services Providers (CSPs) are looking to transform their networks to monetize 5G.
To address both points, Dell Technologies and SK Telecom are launching a joint integrated multi-access edge computing solution, Petasus 5G MEC Platform, to provide more secure and reliable access to and processing of data at edge locations. By combining a lightweight cloud architecture that offers compact control nodes closer to the data source and an edge stack that supports large scale deployments and carrier grade high availability for enterprise level cloud services, Dell Technologies and SKT are creating Telecom solutions designed for the unique requirements of CSPs.

Dr. Sangho Shin, Senior Manager,Petasus Development Team
Bernd Kaponig, Chief Technologist Solutions Co-creation Services, Dell Technologies
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