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Editorial Report: Distributing 5G Infrastructure to the Edge


5G is a fast-evolving, impactful technology that, beyond previous generations of cellular, promises a new era of connectivity-enabled business processes and outcomes. New developments in technology and opportunities in spectrum availability will enable 5G to live up to the potential of ubiquitous high-capacity, low-latency applications driving broad digital transformation. These developments will accelerate the development of the 5G networks, leveraging public and private networks. The physical reality underlying ubiquity must play out around the world. To expand and enhance coverage, particularly when using millimeter wave frequencies, small cells need to blanket urban cores and other sites in which the use case aligns with the “use place.”
Backhauling the data created from people and machines consuming and producing data measured in gigabits per second requires fiber-deep networks linking those small cells to a new cloud-native core. And that cloud-native architecture will extend from the core to the network edge as distributed compute and storage bring to life real-time network responsiveness. As this process unfolds, learn from industry leaders how to successfully navigate this confluence of technologies and deployments that could make or break future business success.
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