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For the better part of a decade, IoT promised to connect tens of billions of devices to the internet. Yet these bold projections failed to materialize, despite significant efforts, as the economics of building and scaling IoT networks simply didn’t add up.

Enter Helium, who single handedly pioneered the decentralized wireless space (DeWi) by building the world’s largest IoT network in just 2 years, at a fraction of the cost of building a centrally managed IoT network. With over 800,000 IoT gateways in roughly 52,000 cities in 169 countries, Helium has shown the industry that decentralized wireless can be used to deploy new networks, while complementing existing ones. And Helium IoT is just the start, as other decentralized wireless projects including Helium 5G, PlanetWatch, Dimo, and Pollen come to market.

So, if you work at a telecom company or wireless internet service provider, sign up now and learn how decentralized wireless is changing your industry.

James Blackman, Editor, Enterprise IoT Insights
Ryan Derouin, Head of Commercial, Emrit
Pradhyum Ramkumar, Head of IoT & 5G, Emrit
Álvaro Gracia, Partner, Helium Funds, Borderless Capital

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