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The introduction of 5G has seen E-band spread to most parts of the world. In this 10th edition of the report, we see that the E-band spectrum fulfills the capacity needs for most deployments even beyond 2030. Driven by advancements in microwave technology, the antenna toolbox has expanded to provide diverse options and possibilities.
Operational costs for managing a microwave network can be significantly reduced by applying network automation. This year’s Ericsson Microwave Outlook report, the 10th edition, explores as always, the latest insights and trends in the 5G wireless backhaul industry.

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✔️ How E-band spectrum fulfills capacity needs for most deployments to 2030 and even beyond 
✔️ How automation can reduce site visits by 40%, and AI will reduce it even further
✔️ How sway compensation enables the use of 0.9 m antennas with 80% longer hops than regular 0.3 m antennas

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