202303 EXFO Fiber Monitoring White Paper 600x200

EXFO White Paper: The importance of fiber monitoring in delivering great 5G experiences

Broadband and mobile service providers around the world are investing billions in fiber deployments to support their 5G network and service ambitions. Fiber plays a key role: it supports the increased number of small cells that 5G standalone (SA) requires to meet coverage, performance and Gbit/s speed expectations.
The use case matters little. Whether video gamers stream from the cloud, smart city planners use the Internet of Things (IoT), doctors serve remote locations via telemedicine, or international ports want reliable private networks, success in each case depends on robust, reliable 5G networks. Those networks, in turn, rely on robust, reliable fiber.
In this paper, we will:
  • Look at the value fiber monitoring adds in creating modern networks.
  • Explore its value for each of the key attributes in 5G architecture: disaggregation, ultra-reliable and low latency communications (URLLC), distributed cloud and network slicing
  • Show how monitoring helps sustain healthy and highly available fiber networks
  • And help service providers protect and monetize their massive investments.
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