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Green Cubes Technology Webinar: Lithium Batteries Powering 5G Telecom and EDGE Applications 


Lithium batteries are being deployed in more stationary UPS and backup power applications and displacing lead acid batteries.  But why are Lithium batteries growing in 5G Telecom and EDGE deployments now? Advances in battery electronics, cell chemistry, and regulatory guidelines have evolved so Lithium batteries need less floor/rack space, offer higher energy efficiency, provide longer life, and are more cost effective than incumbent technologies. 

This webinar will outline best practices for utilizing Lithium batteries to power your 5G Telecom and EDGE equipment.  These best practices are based on pre- and post-installation analysis of data center operations and highlight the qualitative benefits and quantified returns after installation of Lithium batteries.  Join Green Cubes to get the truth on the adoption of Lithium batteries in 5G Telecom and EDGE applications

 Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • What are benefits and drawbacks of Lithium batteries for backup power
  • When are Lithium batteries the best choice for back-up power
  • How are Lithium batteries affected by the current regulatory guidelines for back-up power
  • What unique benefits can network operators expect with Lithium batteries

JD DiGiacomandrea, Product Marketing Engineer, Green Cubes Technology
Jeffrey VanZwol, Chief Marketing Officer, Green Cubes Technology

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